Ihr bietet hier auf den Geocoin                                        "Crystal Ball"  • Zustand: neu / unaktiviert   • Erscheinungsjahr: 2007   • trackable: ja

• Farbe/Material: Antik Silber   • Maße: 51 x 39 x 3 mm   • Gewicht: 40 g   • Glitzer   • Icon:


Dieser Geocoin zeigt eine Kristallkugel in der Kristallkugel. Und was sieht die Frau wenn sie in die Kugel blickt? Natürlich einen Cache (Rückseite)! Die Kristallkugel auf der Vorderseite ist weiß glitzernd.


The Crystal Ball Geocoin was designed by Paula at Geocoin Designs. The Coin is is 2” x 1 1/2" and is 3.5mm thick. The coin was sold through Trackable Treasures. The gypsy geocoin is trackable on the geocahing website and has its own icon. The crystal ball geocoin was minted in Antique Gold and Antique Silver. The side with the gyspy is done with imitation hard enamel and the crystal ball is done in a white glitter. It's pretty!

The asking price was $8.99. They were available for pre sale August 12th 2007 at 6pm. The expected ship date was Sept 10th. There were 125 crystal ball geocoins minted in the Antique Gold. Another 125 were minted in the Antique Silver. 300 coins were minted total. In addition to the 250 gold and silver, 30 were minted in Antique Copper. 20 coins were also minted as an artist Edition.

Only the Gold and silver Crystal Ball coins were for sale. The Copper ones were divided between mustangjoni and 9key. The artist editions went to Paula! The one pictured above is one of the AE Crystal Ball Geocoins.